April 16, 2005

Montreal As I knew It

My ancestors believed in life after death. They build huge pyramids and stored all their precious belongings in the tombs. They was so sure that one day there will come a time when the soul will return, find its mummy, and start a brand new life.
Today, I saw a brand new life in Montreal after months of cold and dreadful winter. I saw a clear blue sky holding within it a very warm sun. I saw green lawns carrying couples whispering to each others. I saw kids running in the streets not afraid of slippery. Cafes and restaurants had their tables outside where people meditated the sun as if they all know the same prayer. The legs of the Mr. James McGill were not longer covered by snow. I was so surprised (and so excited). It seems that I have forgotten that there is sun, there are blue skies, and that there is hope.

No matter how cold it gets, there will come a day of warmth.
No matter how dark and grey it looks, blue skies will make be worth it when they return.
No matter how desperate one gets, there is always hope!

Welcome to Montreal as I knew it!

1 comment:

cat said...

Thank goodness for spring days! I can't believe you're leaving now just when it is starting to get pretty. Hope you're well!