April 23, 2005


Nahdet El Mahrousa, the NGO that I proudly belong to, is holding its first cultural event in Cairo this Friday! Please do attend! Nothing is better than a good enriching cultural evening in Cairo!

Date & Time: Friday 29 April, 2005 starting 3pm.
Location: Goethe Institute: 17 Hassan Wassif Street. El Misaha Sq. Dokki.
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Hazem said...

good job guys!
my only concern is about ur langauge choice. I think that one of the most important issues in modern Egypt is Arabic language.
جهد طيب يا شباب
ما لفت انتباهي هو اختياركم للغة الانجليزية في مخاطبتكم لشباب مصر. أعتقد إن اللغة أحد عناصر تأكيد التواصل بين شباب مصر الحديثة. هذا إذا أردنا التواصل مع الشباب كل الشباب من كل الطبقات و ليس شباب الجامعات و المدارس الخاصة المتقنين للغة الانجليزية. ما رأي عمنا سامر في تدعيم اللغة العربية بشكل أكبر في أعمال الجمعية.

The Cairene said...

I've been hearing about your NGO from some of its members but today was the first time I visit its website. I was rather surprised to see an ENGLISH only index page. I don't understand, isn't this an Egyptian NGO or am I confused? The irony reached its peak when I noticed that the top part/theme/logo (whatever really) is of Egyptian farmers. Now what are you trying to say? We are a very Egyptian group who choose to reach out to other Egyptians in a foreign language because Arabic is too unfashionable? I know I sound aggressive but I'm really posing a very legitimate question. And because, like you, I care a lot about this country, I find it very important that we pause for a minute and ask ourselves what language do we CHOOSE to speak and what do we stand for? We are after all, what we speak. Choosing to speak in a foreign tongue shows disrespect for your mother tongue, your culture and identity.

The Cairene said...

لم الحظ تعليق حازم و طبعاً ايده و احييه بشده!

Samer ATALLAH said...

dear tic:
point well taken. el fari2 beta3 el website shaghal haylan 3ala el nouzkha elli bel 3arabi.
Meanwhile, I think your comment was too judgemental and too critical.

Anonymous said...

Dear Samer
Thx for the reply and sorry if you thought I was too judgemental. But tell me, what is it then? How do you explain this need and choice to speak in a foreign tongue? Why do Egyptians think its cute that they cant write or speak proper Arabic? I would like to hear your view, maybe I am too judgemental but would be interested to know what you think of this.

Anonymous said...

Why do you write in english then these comments. You could have typed it in Arabic instead. Make it you official communicating language.

I dont think you are too agressive or critical, but just too confused