February 3, 2011

Why do I support peaceful demonstrators?

I support the demonstrators in Tahrir square not only because they speak for me and for the millions who joined in the past ten days but also because they expressed it in a civil manner and peacefully. Even if you disagree with them you should give them the right to express their point of view peacefully (which is what they did).
If you still think that Mubarak is still the legitimate leader of Egypt. You should think again. Mubarak has lost his legitimacy the day millions have come out to the streets asking him to leave. He lost his legitimacy the day his regime and his cronies has attacked and shot peaceful demonstrators.  Gone are the days where the pharaoh is the legitimate leader till he or she dies. Starting January 25th, 2011, legitimacy comes from the street.
If you think Mubarak has done good things to the country because there are cells phones, cars and fancy airports (and should be given the chance to leave gracefully).  I say you don’t know enough about 40% of your co-citizens. I say let the people who have suffered during his reign speak.
If you think chaos will prevail when Mubarak leaves, then you are overlooking (or not aware of) the chaos that he is responsible for after 30 years in power. It suffices to look at what his regime has done last week by pulling police forces out of the streets. Who is responsible for thousands of prisoners running away from prisons? The demonstrators in Tahrir Square? Remember that during the demonstrations, there was no single case of sexual harassment or religious attacks. Demonstrators were cleaning streets after the mess that Mubarak police forces made. You are under the effect of the propaganda machine of Mubarak that is terrorizing people so that they continue to support him. Egypt is not Mubarak. Egypt is you.
I know what I will be doing on Friday. I will go to the Egyptian consulate in Montreal to express my solidarity with the millions of Egyptians and to demand freedom for me and for my family. If I were in Cairo, I would have done the same. Peacefully.
The real enemy is tyranny not the people of Egypt. May God save our country from tyranny.