April 16, 2005

Bridging Cultures

Three years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the tender voice of Souad Massi. When I listened to her first album Raoui, I thought to myself cultures can also mix, mingle, and melt together. Her music is Arabic, Western, and sometimes Latino too! Her lyrics are either Arabic, or French, or English! It is such a great pleasure to hear this incredible mélange of western words sang on oriental melodies with a mix of instruments of both worlds. Or may be the other way around strong Arabic words on gipsy dancing music! It so easy to bridge, but it so frequent to clash between cultures.
Now, I am enjoying her beautiful voice in her second album Deb. I would strongly recommend given her a chance. Even if you do not understand what she is singing, you will certainly enjoy her voice, dance to her music and clam your and to her beat. Posted by Hello


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Hazem said...

some good news for u. her new album "Honeysuckle" is available now. i got it;)