August 31, 2005

Palm Tree

أنظر من النافذة الى النخلة القائمة فى فناء دارنا‘ فعلمت ان الحياة لا تزال بخير. أنظر الى جذعها القوى المعتدل‘ والى عروقها الضاربة فى الارض‘ والى الجريد الاخضر المتهدل فوق هامتها فأحس بالطمأنينة. أحس أنى لست ريشة فى مهب الريح‘ و لكنى مثل تلك النخلة‘ مخلوق له أصل‘ له جذور‘ له هدف. من "موسم الهجرة الى الشمال" للطّيب الصالح.

“I look through the window to the palm tree in the middle of our courtyard. I knew life is still good. I look at its strong straight trunk, its veins hitting the soil, and to its leaves overcastting its body. I feel secure. I feel that I am not a leave in the wind. I am rather like this palm tree; a creature with origin, with roots, and with a goal”. From "The Season of Migration to the North" by Tayeb Salih. Posted by Picasa


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El3en Elsehrya said...

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butterfly said...

Basataaaaaaa! How I miss it! I'm sure you do too. I loved the quote. It's funny because I pulled out this book from my tiny library a couple of days ago and thought I should read it sometime soon. I skimmed through the other books today wondering which one is next. I guess you picked it for me ya Samoora. I miss you more than basata, by the way!