August 31, 2005

Well, Mr. or Ms Anonymous

I am writing this in reply to the comment I just received.

Dear anonymous:

I am afraid I am not appreciative of your advices of “lots of reading with tedious observations”. In the meantime, I feel encouraged to teach you some important rules about debating and expressing your opinions. First, my views do not have to do anything with where I am. Besides, the politics of the Canadian government are not in question here simply because I am not a Canadian citizen. Second, the least of courtesy and manners is to debate the point of view and not to challenge the background of the holder of this view.

Aside from the personal attack, I did not find any logical argument in what you wrote. Please share with us how do you think Mubarak remained in power and what, in your expert opinion, is his mandate. Also, whatever the Palestinians are doing is not of my concern. Their government can do whatever it wants to do as long as they have the mandate from their people. I am arguing that the current Egyptian regime is doing things to get an external mandate to keep itself in power without having the mandate of the votes of the Egyptian people (who I think are capable of making a sound judgment if they are given the chance for fair and credible elections).

Finally, I would advise you to do a spell check after you write something. It gives you a bit of credibility given that you have none.


Anonymous said...

Do not worry about Mr. or Mrs annonymous from Egypt. It is hot, smogy and posinous in Egypt. It is not conducive to logical thinking.
He is angry and concerned at the same time, deadly combination.
You live in Montreal among poeple with a completely diffrent mind set. Therefore, debating with a resident Egyptian is virtually unfeasible.
Get on with your life and finish your graduate studies. Then go back to Egypt to live for a while. Only then you will be able to understand that annonymous person.

Anonymous said...

People are so mean and rude when they think they are "anonymous." Ignore this person. I've come across your blog before. It's very nice.