October 22, 2005

خايف عليكي يا مصر

Mohamed Hassanein Haikal once said:
“The President of the Egyptian state, whatever his name is or whatever era it is, has two priorities and responsibilities:
1. The unity of the two religions and their co-existence in the one nation.
2. The flow of the Nile waters to the valley safely and easily.

Photo from the BBC News coverage of yesterday’s events. Posted by Picasa


haal said...

Totally uncalled for. Hate to see this happening. Arising tension for no particular reason.

Nasser said...

not taking a side here but I think the Christians need to address their problems through the proper means provided by the legislative entities instead of feeding the monster of national terrorism and separatism...Muslims too need to be aware of the game being play on their allegiance which has unconsciously been given to this newly current supported and funded by forgien countries long awaited this moment to neutralize Egypt once and for all...makes me feel nostalgic to the days when were pictured as the lighthouse of the region and the third world during the 50's and the 60's...the people who carried the torch of prometheus in the region the fire which is the basis of all human anchievemnt and industry according to the Greek Myth