February 22, 2005

We Want To Do It Ourselves!

I just listened to the young Egyptian lady Sharouq El-Rays talking to NPR's Robert Siegel about democracy in Egypt. Here is what she said when she was asked about democracy in Egypt:
“We want to do it ourselves! We do not want President Bush to come and make it himself”

I hope you read this one day. I am so proud of you. You just gave me a lot of hope after a short phase of despair and sadness.

Please listen to Sharouq and other young Egyptians talking about their future on NPR.

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R said...

Thanks for the link.. It's great and I'm exploring it..

To tell you the truth, I am now re-questioning this very statement.
Who said that we "have to" do it ourselves? I have been religiously sticking to this statement.. but now.. why? and the major question is: Who are we and who "is not" "we"???