February 20, 2005

Flame in the Dark

Fairuz concert was an intensively emotional experience. The words that remind us of home, family, and friends were there in Place des Arts. The music came all the way from Lebanon to enchant the Arab community of Montreal and North America. The miraculous voice of Fairuz was there for us to make us cry, makes us nostalgic and to inspire us.
God bless you Fairuz.

A thank you for my good Lebanese friend who inspired me with the title of the post after seeing the photo. Another thank you for my other Lebanese friend for the good company.
A “merci beaucoup” for the nice Quebecois gentleman who lend me his powerful binoculars. A final thank you for my good friend who lend me the digital camera. And an apology for the Place des Arts management for breaking the rules by sneaking a camera and taking photos. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture, empowering title.

Anonymous said...

Marhaba Samer, thak you for the beautiful picture. Fairuz inspired the Lebanese nation in Lebanon and abroad since more the 50 years. Never get the chance to see her live in concert. Something will affect me to the end of my life. Thank you to see a glimpse of it.
In her 70th birthday, our great poet Charbel Baini wrote a poem for this occasion, and I added your picture of Fairuz to his poem at our site, please visit us. If you think we violate your copyrights, please let us know.