March 2, 2005

Nahdet El Mahrousa

Nahdet El Mahrousa. My Responsibility Towards Egypt

Who We Are
Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM) is an Egyptian nongovernmental organization established in 2003. NM was founded by young Egyptians who believe Egypt deserves a better future. We believe that the young generation has the creativity and determination to create genuine change. Because our members come from diverse intellectual and professional backgrounds and reside inside and outside Egypt, they see the development of Egypt from multidisciplinary perspectives. NM members capitalize on their complementary experiences, strong network both locally and internationally, research and analysis capacity and grass roots outreach.

Our Mission
NM seeks to make a positive impact on Egypt’s cultural, economic and social development through the cultivation and incubation of innovative project ideas until they are independent and successful national models.
We Will Succeed In Our Mission When
· Young Egyptians are viewed as valued resources and partners in every aspect of society; and they devote their energy and talent to the development of Egypt.
· Egypt overcomes its greatest challenges towards development.

How We Work
NM seeks out creative and innovative development project ideas across Egypt. NM offers institutional framework, project development, secondary research capacity, training, small seed grants and loans. Volunteerism, networking, creating awareness and building capacity of individuals and organizations are the strategies used by NM to contribute to Egypt’s development.

NM also hosts a lively intellectual discussion group where NM members can share resources, ideas, information, and opinions about development practices.

Contact Information
Address: 7 Haret Selim, off Sheikh Rihan Street, Abdeen, Apt.1 – Telephone/Fax: 20-2-7920195 Posted by Hello


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