January 27, 2005

Yes or No!

Dear fellow Egyptians:

We are living in a time in the human history during which a lot of changes are taking place. Not only we are not keeping pace of these changes, but also we are lagging behind.
This year is an important year in our contemporary history. We have to make the choice whether we want to continue as a country run by an authoritarian rule. Whether we will allow corruption to be the common standard in our daily lives? Whether we will accept the injustice that is taking place in our society? Whether we will continue to be lagging behind nations in all fields of science, technology, arts, and academia? Whether will continue to suffer from poverty, increasing prices, and lack of jobs?

Or we will decide to take a chance on change? Take a chance on people who are freely elected. People who will preserve the democracy that got them into power. People who will hold accountability and report to the masses that elected them. If they fail to deliver what they promised, they will fail in the next round of elections.

Dear fellow Egyptians,
In September this year, you might be faced with the famous question of “yes” or “no”, please go to the elections polls, practice your constitutional right, and make the right choice for Egypt.

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