January 27, 2005

Letter to the President of the Republic

H.E. Mr. President Hosni Mubarak:

I am a regular Egyptian citizen that has great hopes for his country getting the prosperity it deserves. I am writing to invite you to take a step that will advance us towards this hopeful prosperity. I am inviting you to take the courageous step of not running again for elections and yielding space for other candidates to run.
When you were first “elected” in 1981, you promised you will not seek power more than two terms. Please allow Egyptians to choose their coming president freely without any intervention. You will be remembered as the president who, for the first time in the modern Egyptian history, stepped down without being assassinated, dead, or overthrown. History will always acknowledge you by this turning point decision. However, if you decide to run for the fifth time, please remember that you will be seen in the eyes of history as the oppressive ruler who stayed in power longer than anyone else in the modern Egyptian history.

Please take the courageous step, make Egypt the model that others always followed in the past.
Make history not shame for you and for us.

Samer Atallah
ID # 60749 El Nozha.


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