November 17, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

I wrote this post on Tuesday November 15th before the elections results came out. However, I did not have the time to proofread it and publish it. My conclusion remains the same. What happened in Nasr City constituency is clear evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood and the NDP struck a deal together. It was first announced that both Brotherhood candidates were the winners of the constituency two seats. This would have been a clear embarrassment to the Presidential institution since Nasr city is the constituency of the President himself. A back door agreement was reached to recount the votes. Surprisingly, one of the seats went to the ruling NDP! The website of the Muslim Brotherhood gives a detailing of the events that preceded the official results announcement in Nasr City. A 5 year old would never buy the published story. Kefaya website has a more credible account of the events of this night.

If leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood want to play dirty politics, that is fine. The whole system is corrupt; they might as well join the game. But, stay away from religion! Just do not preach virtue and religion in the morning while in the evening strike dirty deals of forging elections results.

Keep religion for mosques and churches and play dirties politics in the bathrooms.



R said...

I agree with you. I can't call it a conspiracy or a deal, but it is most probably a kind of arm-wrestling....

I discussed some of that here

Anonymous said...

I think you write good entries. I am just wondering hy you havent kept your blogged updated for a long time.