November 1, 2004

Role Models..

These are people who I look you with great admiration and who inspire me always. They have either induce change in the community or country or always carried the name of their countries no matter where they are.

Kassim Amin
After studying in France, he retuned to Egypt. He was one of the main intellectuals that reshaped the status of women in Egypt. Though heavily attacked at the time, he published two books that laid a landmark in the history of Egyptian women during the end of the nineteenth century and early in the twentieth century.

Saad Zaghloul
The great Egyptian leader during the early twentieth century. He was called the leader of the people. All Egypt was united under his leadership. From a small village in the country side of Egypt, he made it to be the prime minister of Egypt during one of its important struggles of Independence.

Ahmed Zewail
Chemistry Nobel Prize laureate 1999.
He made it! And when he was asked what is your nationality he said: Egyptian American.

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